Game rules

Game rules

How to play the game

The first player in line chooses a lettered playing tile and rolls the dice.

If the dice lands on 2, 3, 4 or 5, the player will play his/her turn.

Each game card indicates many words. This fact creates a possibility for each player to interpret each card differently. However, a turn can only be considered successfully completed if there is a logical connection between the word a player chooses and the illustration on the card.

Each card which has been played is then placed in front of each player to make it clear that the card has been used or that the player did not complete his/her turn.

Once a player has finished his/her turn, the other players of the game get the chance to find some words.
Following a clockwise direction,
each competing player may choose one of the outstanding cards to name it and by doing it, move forward one square.

If a special symbol appears on the dice, a group round is played.

In the group round, each player looks for the words on the playing cards at the same time. Players have to indicate a card with their finger and name it. If the word and the card are connected, the player places the card in front of the players. The group round ends when one of the players has three cards in front of him/her or when the players can find no more words on the cards. At the end of the group round, each player moves forward by the number of the spaces corresponding to the number of the cards they won in the round. The game continues with the player who rolled the dice last, by starting the group round, they did not get to play their own turn.

The move is continued by the same player who rolled the dice until he made his own move.

End of turn

All used cards are placed at the bottom of the drawing pile and missing spaces on the game board are filled.

All used letters at the end of a turn are placed in the game box. Should all letters from the bag have been used, the bag will be filled with the already used letters.

Once a player has played their turn, the game continues in a clockwise direction.

End of the game

The winner is the player who reaches the finishing square first. Should more than one player reach the finish at the same time, a tie will be declared and victory will be shared equally.

The variations

The game can be adapted with the alternative rules depending on the players’ age.

Example of word options associated with a playing card

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